Elastographyis a newer technique that exploits the fact that a pathological process alters the elastic properties of the involved tissue. This change in elasticity is detected and imaged using elastography.
Radiographic technique

  strain elastography (also known as static or compression elastography)

  shear wave elastography (also known as transient elastography)

MR elastography

Uses shear waves and assess the tissue displacement in all directions making it more precise than sonoelastography.
It has been most widely used in cases of liver fibrosis where larger lesions can be easily assessed even in the presence of ascites.


  differentiating malignant and benign neoplasms (especially breast)

  identifying early traumatic changes in muscles and tendons

  aiding in deciding the biopsy site more accurately, reducing negative biopsy rates

  assessing liver fibrosis

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  Breast Elastography

  Liver Elastography

  Prostate Elastography & Guided Biopsy

  Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS)