Haematology & Bio-Chemistry

Through cutting-edge instrumentation our laboratory offers the full spectrum of routine and special biochemical examinations, hematological and coagulation analysis, analysis of humoral and cellular immunity, cytological, biochemical and spectrophotometric analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, blood analysis of pharmaceutical levels and subsequent pharmacokinetic interpretation, and analysis in the field of molecular genetics.

An important clinical component of the department is the outpatient investigation of lipid and lipoprotein metabolism disorders, as well as outpatient hematological, neurological, and outpatient immunology and allergology examinations.

Clinical Biochemistry

The section provides routine biochemical services for clinical units of the hospital concentrating on diagnostics and treatment of critically ill patients of all departments. Bedside examination (POCT – point of care testing) of pH balance, selected minerals and glycaemia are carried out for inpatients in critical conditions. Analysis of minerals, enzyme activity, substrate concentrations, cardio-marker levels, amino acids, selected prohormones, vitamins, full range of lipids, levels of drugs and their metabolites, including pharmacokinetic analysis of concentrations measured, are made for all patients. The Department also provides services for physicians in the catchment area (Prague 5 and 6) within material delivery.


Similarly to the clinical biochemistry section, the haematology section provides routine services to clinical departments. It performs specialized examinations of coagulation parameters for hospital departments. The laboratory was involved in tender procedures and their implementation into the current work system . A new coagulation meter (Sysmex) has been put into sevice.